World Water Day


Arguably the most important substance on earth!

Humans need and use it for most of our daily tasks, nature needs it to grow and flourish and animals need it for basic survival. It is so intrinsically entwined into our lives that often; we take it for granted.

Which is why today, the 22nd of March, has been declared World Water Day. It’s an opportunity to observe and learn about water issues; to become inspired to tell others about its value and its scarcity, and above all, to take action to make a difference in the world, by protecting it.

In light of the recent drought that South Africa has been experiencing, at Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve, we are particularly aware of our reliance on water, and its true life-giving value.


Recent rains have fallen in the Ladysmith region and we could not be more grateful. It’s a beautiful sight to see, as the land saps up every vital drop and begins to sprout in a tapestry of greens and khaki hues.

There seems to be a renewed sense of energy among the wildlife too, as we are seeing more and more game venture to the rising water holes to quench their thirst and play about. Bird life is plentiful and herds graze alongside each other to share the buffet of restored tufts, while the healthy long grass renders them practically invisible because it’s so healthy and tall.

We’re really excited about the recent rains here at the reserve and can’t wait to show you how a little rain, goes a long way in restoring our beautiful earth.

Spread the word this #WorldWaterDay, and do your bit to protect our precious water. Until next time, stay water conscious and join us soon.