Celebrating Our Wise and Wonderful Elephants


As the world’s largest land mammal, weighing as much as 7 tonnes and living for anything up to 70 years of age… it’s no wonder that the elephant has earned the right to be celebrated and preserved for one official day of the year. Each year, the 12th of August is celebrated as World Elephant Day; an International Day aimed at building awareness around the plight of the elephant.

It’s a way for us to create and support conservation solutions that will hopefully make the world a safer place for elephants; conserving their habitat and ensuring our future generations are able to appreciate the beauty, grandeur and magic of these mighty giants.

Here at Nambiti Reserve, we are fortunate enough to have a large herd of over 40 elephants that roam freely across our open plains. Hardly a game drive goes by where we are not spoilt by the eventful sighting of elephants effortlessly de-barking a trees stump, hosing each other in the muddy waters or simply stomping along, single file, down the freshly mowed tracks.

As an ode to the elephant, we’d love to share some of our latest sightings with you. But of course, a picture is never as good as the real thing, so join us for a wild African adventure and see these beautiful and wise creatures up close and personal.

Until then.
Ranger Kel