BFE – The Half-Tusked Mighty Elephant

There’s a special elephant here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve.
An age-old resident with a characteristically intriguing set of tusks.
His name is BFE…and he’d love to meet you!

BFE, pronounced Beefy, is about 54 years old. He originally came from the Makalali Game Reserve just outside the Kruger National Park, and was brought into the reserve as the biggest bull elephant to dominate the younger bulls in the herd. “Respect your elders” is a phrase that rings true in elephant herds; as the hierarchy of power amongst male elephants is determined by their age.


BFE’s most distinguishing feature, his half-tusk, intrigues everyone who sees him. No one quite knows the story behind it, but it has been suggested that a serious fight with another bull could have shattered the tip, or perhaps a simple show of dominance by pushing over a tree caused the super-strong ivory to snap in half.

We’re always spoilt with sightings of BFE, mostly at the central basin, where he can be seen flapping his ears and grazing happily. He forages on acacia trees, spends his time rummaging through the thickets, and sometimes, can be seen following the breeding herd.

Join us at Nambiti Hills and we’ll introduce you to a very special old elephant named BFE, who will warm your heart and have you conjuring up your own adventure stories of the half-tusk.

Until then,
Ranger Kelwan.