A Sad Goodbye


This week we said a very sad farewell to one of Nambiti’s most beloved animals. Vega, the leopard male from the Kwa-Cheetah project, a local wild cat breeding and protection institution hosted on the reserve, unexpectedly fell ill and passed away.

Most of our Nambiti Hills visitors came to meet Vega face-to-face, at some point in his short life, and fell in love with his majestic demeanor and playful spirit. After being found abandoned on a farm in the Underberg at the tender age of ten days old in November 2011, Vega was adopted by the Kwa-Cheetah family and soon became a treasure for all visitors and residents of the reserve. The team at Kwa-Cheetah nurtured Vega’s primal needs by building a special encampment for him, and further enlarging it a few months ago to facilitate his development. The plan was to finally release him back into the wild later this year – a dream that unfortunately would never be fulfilled.

Join us in paying a final tribute to this beautiful leopard and in memory of all the hearts he warmed and the awareness he helped raise for the cause of his kind.

Nambiti Hills