Corporate Game Drive
This year, win the adoration of your team by taking them on the experience of a lifetime.
An end of year function beyond their wildest dreams.

The ultimate Corporate Safari Retreat at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience.
They deserve it, and so do you.

Corporate Retreat

Book 4 or more Luxury Suites at Nambiti Hills, during November 2018, for your year-end function and receive R2,500 to use at our bar or Zolile Spa.

Nambiti Hills Luxury Room

This means you and your team can enjoy an all-inclusive trip, once you enter the doors of Nambiti Hills, minimising your planning and expenses.

Nambiti HIlls High Tea

During your stay, you can expect the following all-inclusive luxuries:
- Transport from the secure parking lot to the Lodge.
- Accommodation
- Wi-Fi
- Continental Breakfast
- Breakfast juices
- High tea selection
- 3 Course dinner
- Teas, coffees, snacks and complementary Welcome Drinks.
- Twice-daily Game Drives accompanied by an expert Guide.
- The option to select a Guided Walk, in place of one of the twice-daily Game Drives, should your stay fall over a Wednesday.
- Snacks on Game Drives.
- Comprehensive Luxury Suite amenities.
*An additional R2,500 credit to use at our bar or Zolile Spa.

Nambiti Hills Spa Treatment

Now, the ultimate Corporate Safari Retreat is easier and closer than ever before. Join us.
Click here to book or enquire.

Nambiti Hills Bar

Although transport is not included, our Reservations Office will be more than happy to assist you in planning transport for your trip. This is in an effort to alleviate planning and administration for time-constrained executives.

To avoid disappointment, please ensure you book you Zolile Spa treatments in advance. For our Spa menu, please click here.

Terms and Conditions:
The credit of R2,500:
Is valid for the duration of your stay and cannot be carried over.
Is not redeemable for cash
Is based on prices as at the time of your stay
Subject to availability


Binoculars and ranger
The first item on your ultimate Safari packing checklist should always be binoculars.

Elephant eyelash

Not only do these assist you in seeing the smaller animals of the wild, but they can
also help you see the pearly whites of lion, or the eyelashes of elephant…

Goodmorning 2

When you’re out in the wild, it’s always best to blend in. Unfamiliar, bright colours like red or yellow may unnerve some timid wildlife – this is of particular importance on Walking Safari. In the bush, glitz and glamour can be found in nature itself. Make sure you pack comfortable easy-to-wear clothing for walking, and the rugged paths you’re sure to encounter on Open Vehicle Safari.


Here are some of the less obvious things you may need during your Safari experience…

Ultimate Safari Packing Checklist:
-Sun cream
-Sun hat
-Lip Balm
-Khaki/green or beige clothing
-Warm jacket, windbreaker or raincoat
-Long and short sleeved t-shirts
-Shorts for the day
-Socks, gloves and knitted hats for winter
-Long trousers/jeans for the evenings around the campfire
-Swimming costume
-Comfortable walking shoes
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
and don’t forget to pack your passport!


At Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge, we like to guarantee that your every Safari requirement is taken care of.

Here are the luxuries you can expect when staying with us:
-Mosquito repellent
-Manicure set
-Sewing set
-Shower cap
-Bath foam
-Bath salts
-Body wash
-Body lotion
-Animal sighting checklist
-Additional blankets
-Game Drive ponchos
-Water bottles for Game Drive
-Tea and coffee station in each suite

Now you’re ready for the ultimate Safari.

The benefits of being in nature

Game Drive
Did you know that being submersed in nature, doesn’t only feel like it benefits you, but there are actual studies that prove the bush improves your health?

Having a holiday retreat in the bush has a host of health benefits like:
Lowering blood pressure
Improving sleeping patterns,
Additional vitamin D intake
Having a “digital detox”

Not only are these the proven benefits of being in the bush, but you also have the opportunity to feel more refreshed and ready to tackle life.
Swimming Pool

When you take the time to retreat at Nambiti Hills you also experience the excitement of going on Game Drive and seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, indulging in gourmet cuisine and relaxing at our pool, overlooking the Nambiti Valley. Have a treatment at Zolile Spa, and unwind with a glass of wine or cocktail while you cosy up with a book, fireside.
You will also have quality bonding time with loved ones, friends and family.

Visit Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience for the best 5-star luxury retreat to recharge your batteries.

Deck and Binoculars

Why Are They Called the Big 5?

If you are visiting Nambiti Hills you might be lucky enough to see all of the Big 5.
Lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino.


There are only 11 countries in the world that have the Big 5, and all of them are in Africa.

But have you ever wondered why these specific animals are called the big five?

These animals were named the “Big 5” because they are not only among the most poached animals, but also the most difficult and dangerous to hunt on foot.

These five large African mammal species were known to be treacherous and it was considered a feat by trophy hunters to bring them home.

Today, however, the expression takes on a gentler form, referring to seeing the Big 5, as opposed to hunting them, during safaris on the African continent.

The word then spread about the Big 5, this name sticking in people’s minds and later becoming a great tourist attraction for foreigners.

Elephant and Game Viewer
A lot of people ask why these animals were chosen, as mentioned above they were extremely dangerous to pursue on foot and many hunters lost their lives while trying to get that prestigious trophy – primarily because they hunt back!

Let us know if you manage to see all of them on your next Open Vehicle Safari – and send us your pictures, if you wish to have them featured to

the reason buffalo are in the big 5

Buffalo Herd - Hippo Dam - Nambiti
Is the African buffalo a dangerous animal? The reason early trophy hunters included the African buffalo as one of the Big 5 is that they were considered to be one of the most dangerous species to hunt.

In general, Buffalo in herds are placid, although some of the old bulls in the herds tend to be easily angered and prone to charge when disturbed. Large herds are usually very relaxed and unlikely to attack.

If you’ve ever been on a Game Drive with Ranger Joe, you will know this all too well…

Tracker Joe

Joe joined us as a Tracker, and his roots in tracking are deep.

His Game Drives are usually filled with action and he likes to get as close as possible to these big beasts.
Joe’s incredible ability to read animal behaviour becomes apparent in situations like this.

You’ll often find yourself right in the middle of a Buffalo herd with Joe – this is when he will ask all those seated to remain still as the Dominant bull approaches, knowing that this bull in particular has a temper.

Buffalo Safari

Occasionally a full-scale fight occurs, where combatants will charge each other with their heads up, and at the last moment, lower their heads for a bone-crunching crash.

The weaker bull will be pushed sideways and immediately breaks and runs to avoid a horn in the flank.

Did you know that when two 800kg African buffalo bulls charge towards each other head-on, the impact is equivalent to a car hitting a wall at 50km/h?

Watch out for these incredible beasts on your next Game Drive.

If you have any buffalo images or stories you’d like to share, send them to