Nambiti Hills Restaurant

Sitting in the Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge restaurant, you’ll find yourself carried off into soothing late night conversation, while you experience a euphoria of the senses.
Ambient lighting, gentle chit-chat, the soothing hum of wildlife outside, infused with a crackling fire and a glass of wine that encourages you to exhale.

You’ve had a day worth celebrating.
Now, melting into your chair, you’re anticipating an exploration of Africa’s finest flavors. Little do you know, the ingredients on this menu are a collaboration of the continents.

Nambiti Hills Food Platter

Situated on a prime sector of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve outside of Ladysmith, Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge offers an unforgettable personal retreat, filled with rest and relaxation.
The thrill of wild animals and 5-star luxury whisking you away from your everyday stresses and routine.

It’s the perfect place for those who love escapes to romantic settings, for those who need to be truly pampered, and for those who appreciate the quiet calm of nature.

The air is crisp, the drinks are cold, the animals are wild and the food is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Nambiti Hills Quality Service

In fact, our ingredients are so fresh, we get them specially delivered directly to us, from the source.

Our chefs pride themselves on impeccably great tasting food. And great tasting food is only achievable if the ingredients are of the best, freshest quality. So… you can imagine the logistics that go into preparing a seafood dish here at the lodge, some 250kms from the nearest coastal city.

But it’s not just the seafood. Most of the items on our menu, including the basics it takes to prepare them, are not available in the nearest town.

Our Salmon is flown in from Norway, our red meats are anti-biotic and hormone free, from a small abattoir in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, where we can trace its origins back to the exact animal. Our micro herbs, fresh greens and garnishes are delivered to our door and you’ll even find an edible flower or two on some of our salads and desserts. Although these didn’t grow in our garden, we know precisely which one they came from.


By ensuring only the best ingredients, and in turn, the best dishes are made, is just another way of showing you that we care about your experience here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge. A successful day for us involves early morning coffee wake ups, Big 5 sightings and… taking empty plates back to the kitchen at the end of a meal.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our little piece of 5-star paradise in the wild and wonderful African bush. See you soon.

Lodge Manager.
Nambiti Hills Quality Drinks

Rejuvenating Rains on the Reserve

There are a lot of things that we love, here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge. Like the early morning wake-up calls from the chitter chatter of birds, or the welcoming warmth from the African sun as we laze about the pool deck, cocktail in hand. Or the smorgasbord of treats, freshly prepared on the breakfast table, and again at tea time. And then… fine dining spoils in the evening after an eventful day. The sight of the sun, making its way down the horizon and the first glimpse of night, filled with sparkling stars. So much to see, do and love. But right now, there’s one thing we love more than any of these things. And that’s… the smell of rain!

Revived, refreshed and rejuvenated; that’s the general feeling around the reserve, as vital rains have blessed us with their presence. In a time where not just KwaZulu-Natal, but the whole of South Africa is in drought, these plentiful rains could not have come at a better time. And as a result, the skies are grey but the mood is good.


The landscape has sponged up every drop, transforming itself into a glistening and vibrant canvas of green. Succulents hold onto rain drops and birds enjoy pools of water for playing and drinking. The smell of African mint bursts through the air as game viewers crush the abundant leaves that scatter the grounds.

Elephants can be seen in numbers, revelling in the aftermath of the rain; water fights and mud baths galore. Game chew on fresh grass shoots and dewy branches, and wade through soggy marshlands. Barren dust paths turn to lush trails and rivers overflow with life-giving water.

The days get darker a lot quicker as autumn sets in and prepares itself for winter. Hot chocolate is served and Amarula is enjoyed by guests wrapped in blankets and ponchos as they sit around the fire, welcoming the rains.

Join us as we take you on a discovery of fresh and rejuvenated landscapes. There is an abundance of wildlife to see as they rejoice in the change of season and the blessing of rain.


Ranger Iris Soaring High

Iris 01
You would have read about the passionate and charming Iris, in one of our recent blog posts. She is one of our rangers here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge, and it gives us immense pleasure to brag a little bit about her latest achievement.

Iris recently completed her regional Savanna Bird Specialist qualification with flying colours. No pun intended. After undertaking some tricky practical tests with Brian Serraro, CEO of Field Guides Association of Southern Africa, Iris is now the only bird specialist on the entire Nambiti Reserve! Our bird-loving fans are in for a treat.

Part of the gruelling tests to qualify included 3 theory tests where she had to identify 80 birds, 80 bird calls and 35 rare bird species. She then had to get out into the field and identify at least 100 birds, noting whether or not these birds were migrant or resident species; distinguish between a male and female bird; identify a particular bird call, and name any bird flying overhead.

If you know Iris like we do, you’d know just how excited she is. You won’t find a more passionate, more dedicated lover of wildlife. We are so proud of you Iris, and can’t wait for you to share your new found knowledge with the rest of us. Here’s to long game drives filled with flora, fauna… and of course, feathers!

Photography by Iris

Photography by Iris

Photograph by Iris Thiriaux

Another year, another African adventure

Festive feasts, holiday happiness and relaxation at its best; this is what the end of year festivities are all about. But as with all good things, the holidays have come to an end, and look at us now; steam rolling our way through a new year, as the end of January fast approaches.

But just because the year is steadily on its way and you are back to work or school, it doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have something exciting to look forward to… There’s no better time to plan your next trip than when the happy memories of family time are still fresh in your mind. The beautiful setting at Nambiti Hills offers something special and unique no matter what time of year it is.

As far as we are concerned, there’s always a reason to relax and unwind in the wild outdoors. Be it a “rough” start to the work-year, an anniversary or birthday, a luxurious team-building adventure, an over-due family holiday or even a romantic weekend away. Whatever excuse you need for an unforgettable safari experience, we’ll be here waiting for you.

Make 2017 your year of living slower and living simpler.

Nambiti 1

Photo Cred: Chanel Bergsma Photography

Bush & Birds on International Bird Day

When we celebrate a day dedicated to a particular animal or species; there’s a reason for it. Did you know that today, nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century? Imagine waking up to the sound of… nothing.

No chirping twitter from the tree tops, no quacks from the water’s edge. A life without birds in it, would be a terrible one. Which is why we take a moment to celebrate International Bird Day on the 5th of January every year.
Beside from the cheerful sounds and inspiration that birds add to our life, the role they play in the natural functioning of an ecosystem is a very important one. International Bird Day came about in an attempt to raise public awareness and education about the needs of birds that are kept in captivity.

Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird

So for us here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge, it’s a chance for us to be grateful that on a daily basis we are spoilt with sightings of Harrier Hawks, that we get to hear the chitter chatter of Guinea Fowl and Francolin, and that every morning we are woken with the sweet sound of wild birds as they greet the morning sun.

If you love birds as much as we do, join us for some exciting bird watching on a morning game drive, or relax around the lodge and watch as a plethora of colourful bird life comes to visit.

Until then.
Ranger Iris.