Wild, Cute & Part of the Nambiti Family

There’s a reason we continuously refer to ourselves as the Nambiti Hills Family. And it’s a simple reason. It feels like home to us. The people here; from our lodge staff to the Rangers, our passionate chef and kitchen staff, our friendly barman and waitresses, to the calm beauty therapists… we all share a common passion and love for the magic that we experience on a daily basis here at Nambiti Hills.

And when it comes to having things in common; there’s one thing we can all agree on; and that’s the love and curiosity and fascination we have with the young wildlife and babies of Nambiti Hills. There’s just something about a wobbly new born giraffe, or a nest of twittering baby birds calling for a feed, or the mischievous cuteness of lion cubs that have us all “oohing” and “aaahing” and heading off in search for more. With Spring in full swing, we already have a few new young wandering the Reserve but are expecting to give birth in the next few weeks, coinciding with the start of the rainy season.

It’s for this very reason that we find ourselves following the lives and day-to-day habits of our wildlife with such enthusiasm; hoping to discover a pregnant mom, a new born calf, or a playful cub and treat our guests to something super cute. A game drive that involves a sighting of young wildlife, for us, is considered a very successful one, as we observe the newest additions to our Nambiti Hills family. The camera clicks and happy faces of our guests reaffirm that.

So join us for a relaxing weekend away or a mid-week break from the busy city life, and become a part of our special family.
Hope to see you soon.



Photos: Iris Thiriaux

Under the African Sun


The gates open, a ranger drives in and new faces descend from the vehicle; laden with the stresses of city-living, clock-watching and everyday life. But after a few weary steps towards the lodge, the transformation is evident as the fresh, earthy air fills the lungs of our new guests and they are enveloped in their wild surroundings. Everything else becomes irrelevant as nature and 5-star luxury take over.

At Nambiti Hills, it’s no secret that we do everything we can to ensure that time spent with us is exactly what we promise it to be; an experience you will never forget, and an escape you will always enjoy. But then again, what’s not to enjoy about time spent under the magnificent African sun.

From early morning wake-ups to late night camp fire stories, and all the magic in-between, there really is no better place to experience a wildlife wilderness than right here at Nambiti Hills. We offer the best in luxury accommodation – so good that you cannot be blamed for wanting to stay in bed all day. But then there are afternoons on our extensive new pool deck with a heated pool and panoramic views that are a must; gourmet cuisine is always on the menu; daily game drives are guaranteed to excite and thrill as we discover new and old favourites; and all in the company of our handpicked, qualified staff, whose passion is to offer you the best, most personalised wildlife experience yet.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but who cares what they say… waking up to something this beautiful every morning is a great indication of what the rest of the day will hold; no doubt it’s beautiful, wild and filled with all your favourite things.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our own piece of paradise, under the African sun.


Spots, Stripes and other Wild Art

PhotCred: Kelwan Kaiser

Camouflage is a wild and wonderful thing!

When you’re smaller, slower or less aggressive than a predator or prey, being able to hide yourself amongst the flora and fauna can potentially save your life. Not only that, but a wild animals’ ability to blend so effortlessly, and cunningly, into their surroundings creates a wonderful tapestry of shapes, colours and tones that we as humans can only marvel at. It’s just one of mother nature’s many ways of proving that she is both smart, and beautiful.

Here at Nambiti Hills, we try our hand at a bit of camouflage every now and then. Dressed in our khaki gear, us rangers like to think we are pretty good at disguising ourselves from the wide-eyed gazes of the wild animals while on our daily game drives. But when it comes to camouflage, no one does it better than the animals themselves.

Take for example, the expert of slow-motion, precision hunting: The Cheetah. His spotted pelt is a combination of dark and light patches that help to break up his slender outline, ensuring he doesn’t stand out so glaringly against his background. His spots are also said to resemble the shaded areas where he is known to hide, such as dappled grassy floors and tall fields. It’s safe to say, his prey don’t see him until it’s too late.

As a zig and zag of black and white stripes, the Zebra may stick out like a sore thumb to the human eye. But to a colour blind lion, their primary predator, this striped pattern can be seen as a confusing blur. A great deterrent when grazing vulnerably out in the open veld and your predators can’t tell where one zebra starts and another one ends.

From multi-coloured chameleons to stick-like insects and leaf-look-a-like spots on the tall giraffe, there is no doubt that wild animals have adapted to their wild surroundings with “fitting in” as a key feature. It’s a strategy that plays a vital role in their daily struggle for survival. So much so, that game drives are filled with hours of game-spotting, searching for animals that don’t want to be found. But when we do find them, it’s a proud and accomplished moment for us rangers, being able to spoil our guests with great sightings and putting our trained eyes to the test.

Watching prey outsmart its predator, or a predator put its camouflage skills into action is all part of the thrill here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve. And we can’t wait to find all your favourite wild animals with you on your next adventure with us.

Until next time.
Ranger Kelwan.

Celebrating our Wildlife: on World Animal Day and always!

Annually every 4th of October World Animal Day is celebrated. The message to everyone, on this day is simple, yet vital: to help make this world a sustainable and fertile place for all animals. Each and every one of us can make a difference! We at Nambiti Hills, urge you all to get involved and show your care and concern for the future of all animals.

At Nambiti Hills, we think every day should be about animal awareness. It’s no secret that the lives of animals, both domestic and wild, are hugely affected by our simple, and sometimes selfish human actions. Whether it be the development of towns and cities, agriculture and farming or even hunting; we need to be conscious of the fact that what we do can affect the helpless lives of others. Hence the reason for a day dedicated solely to the well-being of animals.

There are other days linked to animals, such as World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March – but World Animal Day gives us an opportunity to embrace ALL animals and their unique concerns, in every corner of the world. So whether you’re hosting a rally or a fundraiser to create awareness or raise money, or simply paying extra attention to your pets; the 4th of October is the day to do it on. But then again, we should be doing that every day!

With 20 Elephants, over 300 Zebra, more than 1000 Wildebeest, 7 Leopard, over 800 Kudu and Eland and numerous birds and smaller animals… our wildlife are our daily priority, our pride and glory. Everything we do is with them in mind. Their health, their well-being, their peaceful existence on this beautiful landscape. It’s what makes our “jobs” so rewarding. And that we get to share it with like-minded guests on a daily basis… well, that’s first prize!

So in honour of World Animal Day, we will continue to do as we do every day; love, appreciate and respect not only the beautiful wildlife that graces our reserve but all the animals out there that have a special place in the world. We hope that you will do the same.

Here’s to all the animals, big and small!
Ranger Iris.







Photographer: Iris Thiriaux

Celebrating Our Wise and Wonderful Elephants


As the world’s largest land mammal, weighing as much as 7 tonnes and living for anything up to 70 years of age… it’s no wonder that the elephant has earned the right to be celebrated and preserved for one official day of the year. Each year, the 12th of August is celebrated as World Elephant Day; an International Day aimed at building awareness around the plight of the elephant.

It’s a way for us to create and support conservation solutions that will hopefully make the world a safer place for elephants; conserving their habitat and ensuring our future generations are able to appreciate the beauty, grandeur and magic of these mighty giants.

Here at Nambiti Reserve, we are fortunate enough to have a large herd of over 40 elephants that roam freely across our open plains. Hardly a game drive goes by where we are not spoilt by the eventful sighting of elephants effortlessly de-barking a trees stump, hosing each other in the muddy waters or simply stomping along, single file, down the freshly mowed tracks.

As an ode to the elephant, we’d love to share some of our latest sightings with you. But of course, a picture is never as good as the real thing, so join us for a wild African adventure and see these beautiful and wise creatures up close and personal.

Until then.
Ranger Kel