Safari Spoils, From Us to You

One of my favourite sayings, by Mary Anne Radmacher, goes something like this: Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.

It’s my favourite, simply because it’s so relevant to my life here at Nambiti Hills and what I do on a daily basis. Loving what you do just seems to be part of the plan, not just for me, but for all of us here at the lodge. You can see it in the way we go about our “jobs”. Putting that final sprinkle of the chef’s special seasoning on the dinner plate before serving it to our guests, placing that extra mint leaf in a bespoke cocktail, the soft touch of nurturing hands on a tense neck during an African Earth Soul Massage, the fluffing of feather down pillows, the attention to detail for an anniversary or birthday celebration, and even the meticulous washing of a dirty ranger vehicle at the end of a wildlife-filled game drive…

We know that even though the luxury of our 5-star lodge is absolutely everything it’s cracked up to be, just ask any of our many satisfied customers,(see here) it’s the smaller, finer things in life that contribute to the magic of an unforgettable experience here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge.

And while we do our bit to ensure you have the luxury escape you deserve; we do have to rely on the animals to play along too. A safari wouldn’t be a safari worth talking about if you didn’t get to enjoy the spoils of daily wildlife sightings. From the elephant herd frolicking at the watering hole to the boisterous Lion cubs trying their luck at stalking, zebra galloping along the plains, vultures circling up above and the list goes on.

Making sure your time with us is an unforgettable and personal retreat with all the indulgences, is our top priority. With luxury like this, it’s an easy task. But don’t take our word for it, we’d love to have you join us for a few days to embrace nature in the comfort of your very own sanctuary. Nature at its finest, and all of us here at Nambiti Hills, are waiting for you.

Ranger Iris.





Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Have you ever watched an Elephant? I mean, really watched it; studied its movements, marveled at its beauty, observing as it walks and eats and plays, paying special attention to the way it interacts with the herd. Many of our guests at Nambiti Hills, have been privileged to these sightings and often find themselves in awe of how human-like these interactions are.

From the simple gesture of “shaking” trunks and “hugging” with gentle nudges when they greet one another, to the way they remember things and vocalize their feelings; from grief at the loss of a loved one, to joy on being reunited after a length of time. It’s easy to see that these beautiful giants are not so different from you and I. But it’s not just Elephants who portray uncanny human traits.

Monkeys and baboons are known for crafting everyday objects into useful tools; like stones to break open hard fruit and vines to swing from one tree to the next. Ants, termites and birds build houses, while mothers protect infants that are not necessarily their own. Whether its cultural or behavioural, the idea that humans and animals share some very similar traits is a fascinating concept; one which we get to assess and observe when we head out on our daily game drives. It’s one thing to have a great day filled with exciting wild sightings, but to take the time to really appreciate and understand what we see, is what makes each day here at Nambiti Hills such a worthwhile adventure.

We can’t wait to take you out and show you just what we mean.
Until then, your Nambiti Family

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Your Favourite 5 Star African Retreat

It‘s wild. It’s wonderful. And it’s what we do best!
At Nambiti Hills, we pride ourselves on a number of things: 5 star luxury and comfort in the heart of nature; world class hospitality to pamper your senses and replenish your mind, body and soul; cuisine to drool over; and of course, a landscape filled with the beauty of wild Africa.

Every day we get to see the smiles on our guests’ faces as they venture out of their luxury suites well-rested and ready for the day, as they enjoy a refreshing breakfast, high tea fit for a king or a gourmet 3-course dinner; we hear cameras clicking and excitable banter on game drives, and we listen proudly as they recall their adventures from the day while mingling with fellow guests around the boma.

But nothing gives us more pleasure than when we read the reviews of these guests, and see just how much of an impression the magic of Nambiti Hills has made on them. Satisfied guests from around the world have shared their thoughts on why Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge is their favourite African escape.

Here are some recent reviews that we are extremely proud to share with you.
“If Safari is on your mind this is the place for you. The setting is exceptional as are the staff, nothing was too much trouble.”

“Amazing location, amazing property, wonderful food, an incredible guide.”
“This was our third safari and the best we have been on both in terms of animal sightings and the lodge.”

“Real 5* luxury feeling with a gorgeous pool deck, fire pit, and other outside areas. Excellent food – brunch, afternoon tea, 3 course dinner plus snacks during morning and evening game drives – we never went hungry and all great quality.”

“The stay was just exceptional from start to finish and having stayed in a number of safari lodges across South Africa I can honestly say this is without a doubt the best.”



Wild, Cute & Part of the Nambiti Family

There’s a reason we continuously refer to ourselves as the Nambiti Hills Family. And it’s a simple reason. It feels like home to us. The people here; from our lodge staff to the Rangers, our passionate chef and kitchen staff, our friendly barman and waitresses, to the calm beauty therapists… we all share a common passion and love for the magic that we experience on a daily basis here at Nambiti Hills.

And when it comes to having things in common; there’s one thing we can all agree on; and that’s the love and curiosity and fascination we have with the young wildlife and babies of Nambiti Hills. There’s just something about a wobbly new born giraffe, or a nest of twittering baby birds calling for a feed, or the mischievous cuteness of lion cubs that have us all “oohing” and “aaahing” and heading off in search for more. With Spring in full swing, we already have a few new young wandering the Reserve but are expecting to give birth in the next few weeks, coinciding with the start of the rainy season.

It’s for this very reason that we find ourselves following the lives and day-to-day habits of our wildlife with such enthusiasm; hoping to discover a pregnant mom, a new born calf, or a playful cub and treat our guests to something super cute. A game drive that involves a sighting of young wildlife, for us, is considered a very successful one, as we observe the newest additions to our Nambiti Hills family. The camera clicks and happy faces of our guests reaffirm that.

So join us for a relaxing weekend away or a mid-week break from the busy city life, and become a part of our special family.
Hope to see you soon.



Photos: Iris Thiriaux

Under the African Sun


The gates open, a ranger drives in and new faces descend from the vehicle; laden with the stresses of city-living, clock-watching and everyday life. But after a few weary steps towards the lodge, the transformation is evident as the fresh, earthy air fills the lungs of our new guests and they are enveloped in their wild surroundings. Everything else becomes irrelevant as nature and 5-star luxury take over.

At Nambiti Hills, it’s no secret that we do everything we can to ensure that time spent with us is exactly what we promise it to be; an experience you will never forget, and an escape you will always enjoy. But then again, what’s not to enjoy about time spent under the magnificent African sun.

From early morning wake-ups to late night camp fire stories, and all the magic in-between, there really is no better place to experience a wildlife wilderness than right here at Nambiti Hills. We offer the best in luxury accommodation – so good that you cannot be blamed for wanting to stay in bed all day. But then there are afternoons on our extensive new pool deck with a heated pool and panoramic views that are a must; gourmet cuisine is always on the menu; daily game drives are guaranteed to excite and thrill as we discover new and old favourites; and all in the company of our handpicked, qualified staff, whose passion is to offer you the best, most personalised wildlife experience yet.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but who cares what they say… waking up to something this beautiful every morning is a great indication of what the rest of the day will hold; no doubt it’s beautiful, wild and filled with all your favourite things.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our own piece of paradise, under the African sun.